Ms. Shaughnessy-Zeena

Social Studies Department
Wachusett Regional High School


This website is designed to facilitate and enhance your study.  The information contained in this site is meant to supplement what is done in class, it is not intended to replace what is done in class.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to first check the Absentee Folder in your classroom, and then to check with me to see what you missed.


Ms. Shaughnessy-Zeena's Schedule -- 2014/2015

Semester I/II 

A Block - Honors Psychology I/II (C203)

B Block - Honors Psychology I/II (C203)

C Block - Prep

D Block - AP Psychology (C205)

E Block - CPA Psychology I/II (C203)

F Block - AP Psychology  (C203)

G Block - Prep 


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